Project Activities

Lobby and advocacy 50 / 50

RoWL constantly runs the 50/50 campaign with campaign peaks in the election years for the European Parliament as well as those with local and parliamentary elections.

250 women will participate in five events dedicated to increase the number of women candidates in politics. Their selection will be made from various regions of the country and rural / urban areas, vulnerable categories, whether they are party members or not. The five events take place in different geographical areas. The content focuses on topics such as: how to build a relationship with the community you represent; How to reach eligible positions on the electoral rolls; How to mobilize the community to support your candidacy.

The project will run campaigns and petitions addressed to national political parties to establish as a priority the positioning of a larger number of women in eligible places in the preparation of electoral lists, and also modification of the law of equal opportunities and the electoral law in order to promote a greater number of women in eligible places using the zipper system in the electoral lists.

National Events - RoWL

Romanian Women's Lobby Campaigns aims to promote projects and strategic directions to the general public, so it will hold a national event each year to give the public the opportunity to participate in a unique event to promote women who, through their involvement in society, have an important role in the positive change of the world in which we live. Thus, RoWL will promote some of the women that Romania is proud of today and who represent models of civic and political devotion, those who monitor the democratic functioning of the electoral system, the correct application of the country's laws, transparency of public spending, local government, public services and civil rights. The events will bring to the public's attention the important issues of the local communities in Romania and the efforts made by the women who are involved in solving them. The events will promote the value of civic contribution and will also be an incentive to promote women as an important decision-maker in local government and political life in the country.

Feminist camps AGORA

AGORA derives from the Greek word market / forum, which implies the possibility of having discussions on topics that are often considered controversial within the feminist movement, as well as the place where ideas can be developed on how women can stand together by making a common front. During the feminist camp days, participants will cover the difference between feminist theory and real-life activism by developing practical and strategic skills. Participants will also gain new insights by being part of such a diverse group of women and making lifelong friends and allies. women’s politics in elections, the “Purple Economy”, sexuality and bodily autonomy and combating violence against women through the Istanbul Convention. Foreign experts will also contribute training sessions to the development of strategic planning and the integration of women's rights knowledge into the work of member organizations, and will show how to build proactive, sustainable and regional strategic partnerships. During the "pro-action cafe", women will be inspired to develop their own projects and campaigns.

Organizational development of RoWL member NGOs

We aim to develop transparent and responsible organizational governance procedures among the 21 RoWL member NGOs, with efficient management procedures, communication with the general public, with information on the results obtained (through annual reports, website and online presentations) and to help attract funding.

Advocacy campaign on the effects of economic migration on the transnational family

The activity aims to develop a policy brief to develop a package of measures for "Limiting and preventing the impact of labour migration on children and transnational families", followed by lobbying and advocacy activities to promote measures in Romania. Italy and Brussels.

The activity is carried out with the support of experts from the Associazione Donne Romene in Italy - a member of RoWL who has been trying for years to find concrete, real, urgent solutions to reduce the negative effects of precarious work of hundreds of thousands Women working now in another country and on children left in Romania.

The proposals that will be included in the policy brief will be the subject of consultation with representatives of the Romanian Parliament and MEPs, representatives of public agencies and institutions with a role in managing depression and the children of those who are res responsible for cases of trafficking in human beings and those dealing with social policies and employability.

The expert involved in the activity is the founder and president of ADRI (2011), initiator and coordinator of the transnational project 'Your mother loves you!' which aims to maintain and facilitate free audio-visual communication between family members at a distance, supporting the parental role and the rights of the migrant family.

Organizational development with the support of foreign experts

With the support of the 4 experts from Norway, Hungary, Poland and Bulgaria we carry out distance mentoring and direct training activities in Romania. Experts participate in capacity building activities of RoWL member organizations, contributing to capacity building and strengthen inter-member strategic development through the development of proactive, sustainable and regional strategic planning, and the integration of women's rights knowledge into the work of member organizations.

Local events feminist solidarity

In order to promote and develop the capacity of RoWL member NGOs, this project supports the development / further promotion of the presence of women's organizations in the life of local communities by supporting emblematic events for them, to strengthen their presence in the lives of citizens and to support them in expanding membership and creating feminist solidarity between organization leaders and community beneficiaries.

Thus impact events were selected as follows:

- organizing the Gender Equality Festival in Sibiu - under the coordination of the Asociația pentru Libertate și Egalitate de Gen - A.L.E.G., member of RoWL;

- organizing personal development events for Roma women from Crăcăoani and Vânători Neamț - under the coordination of the Community Development Center, member of RoWL;

- organizing events to promote rural women - in addition to 4-5 small rural RoWL NGOs in various regions of Romania.

Analysis of domestic violence and gender violence standards

In order to increase the access of victims of domestic and sexual violence to information services, legal and psychological counselling, diagnosis and emergency medical treatment and financial assistance for immediate needs, other urgent needs (housing, security measures) - It is proposed to introduce a simplified local system for settling services / subsidies from a fund dedicated to victims of domestic violence built at the level of each county council and where possible, local council.

RoWL members and other key institutions - ANES, Equal Opportunities Commission Chamber of Deputies, to lobby for the creation of an annual budget line in the budget of the County Councils established on the basis of a special chapter that bases this fund in the annual needs analysis carried out according to law 174 / 2018 of July 13 2018 regarding the amendment and completion of Law no. 217/2003, articles 7, paragraphs 3 and 7, as well as the establishment of the annual amount allocated to the fund for victims of domestic violence in proportion to the statistical situation of victims of domestic violence in that county or locality.

A policy brief will be held on the proposals previously and strategic meetings will be held that allow discussions on it and lobby in Bucharest, national or European.

Digitization, climate change from the perspective of gender equality in Romania

The activity includes an Advocacy Campaign with the themes of Digitization, climate change from the perspective of gender equality in Romania. Although there is a clear scientific consensus on the threat of climate change to our way of life, there is a political inability to address the real and current threat. The urgent need to combat climate change is an opportunity to change the system, as the old patterns of growth, production and consumption will no longer be achievable. Feminists - who have always been close to environmental movements - embrace this opportunity.

There will be a policy brief on climate change from a gender perspective, a policy brief on digitization, an advocacy campaign with lobbying and advocacy at events to promote RoWL proposals (national and Brussels).

Gender budget lobbying and advocacy

As part of the GENDER BUDGETING IN PUBLIC POLICIES project, the promoter developed proposals for alternative public policies aimed at gender budgeting:

PPA1 - Development of a national policy to allow the gradual introduction of gender budgeting in public institutions and organizations with more than 50 employees, by strengthening the responsibilities and tools of the expert on equal opportunities in gender budgeting.

PPA2 - National policy to strengthen the capacity of local interinstitutional mechanisms - COJES by introducing gender-based budgeting in order to prevent and combat domestic violence .

PPA3 - National policy on gender budgeting and construction by the County Councils and Local Councils of the amounts allocated by HCL according to law 174/2018 for the support of social services and other social assistance measures for victims of domestic violence through the use of a unitary instrument / budget sheet.

PPA4 - Elaboration of the mechanism for the construction of a fund for victims of domestic violence by the County Councils and Local Councils. At the beginning of 2020, lobbying activities were planned on the 4 proposals, in order to see them transposed into specific strategies and legislation.

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